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Adding new power supply.


Adding new power supply.


I installed a new power supply in slot three of an 12H array connected to an l2000. The green light is on but how can I verify that the HP-UX system 'sees' it. ?

The power supply never existed and we are getting a flashing orange light on the l2000 cpu warning of a missing unit in slot 3.

So we purchased the power supply, hot swapped it in and the light is still flashing.

thanks for any help.
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Adding new power supply.

I think you'll need to review the GSP logs in order to stop the flashing. On your console, press Ctrl b, then enter for the user, enter for the password, sl (for show logs), e (for error), n (for no filters), then q (to quit looking at the log), and co (to return to console mode). The light should no longer be flashing.


Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding new power supply.

Matthew, Pete is absolutely right. Flashing led of L2000 server has nothing with Autoraid's power supply. If there were any problems with 12h then it should report problem by itself (on the front panel and in its logs). When you have L2000 attention led flashing this means that its GSP (guardian service processor) logged new events that should be read by operator (administrator). You should read these events, and act accordingly.
To check if your 12h sees newly installed power supply please use 'arraydsp' command from hpux prompt