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Adding the redundant smart array controller

Ivan Gonzalez_1
Occasional Visitor

Adding the redundant smart array controller

Hi my name is Ivan Gonzalez.
I will install a new exchange server and i have a MSA 1000 with only 1 smart array controller.In my actual exchange server i have 2 smart array controller.
My question is,what i need to do if i configure and install the new server and after that i add the redundant smart array controller? there is a procedure to do that?
Do I need to reinstall the server or just add the redundant controller?
I will appreciate any help.

Ivan Gonzalez
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding the redundant smart array controller


the term 'smart array controller' is usually used for PCI-based backplane controllers. If you are talking about the controller module of an MSA1000 (Modular Smart Array - is was called Modular SAN Array in the past), then the documentation calls this the 'MSA controller' although it is based on smart array controller technology.

I assume that you have a server that is connected via fibre channel to an MSA1000 storage array with one controller module, OK?

When you add a second controller module to your MSA1000 for redundancy you also have to extend that redundancy to your server. That means you have to put a second fibre channel adapter in your server and you need to install the Secure Path software on the server. This software is required because your server now has a second path to the data and the Windows operating system cannot handle this situation without additional software. In the disk administration you would see each logical disk from the MSA1000 two times.

You should remember that there is no interconnect module provided for the redundant MSA controller - the bay on the back of the MSA1000 enclosure is covered with a blank module.

So, what interconnect are you using between the server and the MSA1000?
- fibre channel I/O module + external switch?
- integrated 3-port hub?
- integrated 8-port switch

Let us first make sure that the required hard- and software is complete before we get to plug everything together, ok?