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Addition of 2405 disk system to VA7400

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Timothy Czarnik
Esteemed Contributor

Addition of 2405 disk system to VA7400

Hey all,

I have an HP Surestore DIsk System 2405 that is installed in our rack and powered on. It is NOT currently fibre cable connected to our VA7400. I have been tasked to do that this weekend. I am looking for the proper procedure (steps) to do this. Here is what I currently have planned to do:

1) Shutdown and power off server
2) Shutdown and power of Va7400
3) Shutdown and power of 2405
4) Connect 2405 to VA7400 following the directions in the 2405 users guide
5) Power up 2405 - wait green lights
6) Power up VA7400 - wait for green lights
7) Power up server

Am I missing anything? The 2405 was installed in the rack by an HP tech, and all I need to do is connect it to the VA7400. I am assuming I need to do this offline.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Addition of 2405 disk system to VA7400

Here's a list for you:

1. Check twice and make sure that the dip switch to make it 1Gb/s instead of 2Gb/s is set properly on the 2 cards (link controller cards or LLCs) in the back of the DS2405. It *will* fail if this is set incorrectly. Incorrectly setting this switch can cause ALL drives in the array to fail, losing your data.

2. You are required to be running a minimum of HP14 firmware to use a DS2405.

3. CommandView SDM 1.04 is also required.

4. BACK UP YOUR DATA!!!!! Better to be safe than sorry.

5. You can attach the DS2405 without shutting down the array - first power up the enclosure, then attach the fibre cables at illustrated in the installation guide. The drives should be automatically detected. It is recommended that you do this during light activity periods to prevent application I/O timeouts that can occur while the system digests the new configuration.

6. It is recommended that you reset the array completely to ensure detection of all the new drives. (I would not bother if they all show up in CommandView, which they should) You can reset the array by executing "armmgr -R full "

That's about it. It's not an operation for the faint of heart.

Good luck!

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