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Additional useable space for XP512


Additional useable space for XP512


I am not familiar with XP and I need to add an additional 73GB usable disk space after RAID.

Can someone advise me on the addational XP512 components needed to achieve the useable
disk space of 73GB.

The existing configuration of the XP512 is as follows:
(a) One (1) fully populated 8-port FC chip pair
(b) Two (2) ACPs, each with one (1) RAID 5 array group of 73 GB disks
and two (2) RAID 1/0 array groups of 73 GB disks
(c) 1 GB of shared memory
(d) 6 GB of cache memory
(e) Two (2) fully populated 8-port Brocade FC switches
(f) LUN configuration manager XP for 2TB of disk storage
(g) Secure manager XP for 2 TB of disk storage

Thanks :)

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Additional useable space for XP512

All you need to do is add an Array Group.

With 3 array groups per ACP pair, you should have room for about 19 new array groups before you need to add cabinetry or anything like that.

One more array group should be OK to add without adding cache. Your licensing is tight, but should be OK.

If you add a 36GB array group in RAID 1/0 you will get just about 73GB usable. In RAID-5, it'll be about 108GB usable. If you go for 73's, it'll be 146GB in RAID 1/0 and 219GB in RAID-5.

Before you go off and buy an array group, you should check the frame to see if there's any unused LDEVs... often, they're not all being used.

Good luck,

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