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Advice on changing RAID Card

Graham Gourley
Occasional Contributor

Advice on changing RAID Card

I have a ML370 G1 with a Integrated Smart Array Controller (ROC Chip), I would like to replace the RAID chip with a 5302 Controller, but would I have to rebuild the server ? or would the new controller configure itself to use the existing set?

Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Advice on changing RAID Card

Hi there;

You can move your drive array set from one controller to the other without rebuilding.

The embedded array controller and the 5302 use different drivers, however.

Which OS are you running?

In a Microsoft environment you can add the controller before moving the drives, run the CSP to install the driver and then down the server.

Move the scsi cable to the 5302 and make sure the controller is set as the boot controller in the F10 bios setup by running the system configuration utility.

In a NetWare environment you can load the driver from floppy after moving the scsi cable and setting the 5302 controller as boot in the F10 setup.


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