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Antemeta+EVA5000 on AIX5.3 error

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Antemeta+EVA5000 on AIX5.3 error

I have configed Antemeta on AIX5.3 ML03 by using EVA5000. Its working fine until someday it return me some error messages.

lspath output showed failed:
hdisk50 pdisk203 50001fe150019a2c,32000000000000 1 Failed
hdisk50 pdisk204 50001fe150019a28,32000000000000 2 Enabled
hdisk50 pdisk205 50001fe150019a29,32000000000000 3 Failed
hdisk51 pdisk209 50001fe150019a2c,33000000000000 3 Enabled
hdisk16 pdisk67 50001fe150019a28,13000000000000 0 Enabled
hdisk16 pdisk68 50001fe150019a29,13000000000000 1 Enabled
hdisk16 pdisk70 50001fe150019a2d,13000000000000 2 Enabled
hdisk16 pdisk79 50001fe150019a2c,13000000000000 3 Enabled

after that, the disk was crashed and I have to restore all the data. It happens few times already in pass 2 months. I would like to download latest driver from
but nothing can be found from it.

Do you guys have any idea about this problem? and please tell me where I can download the drivers or patches. I am using:
devices.fcp.hdi.pdisk.rte COMMITTED Antemeta pseudo subsystem disk support for IBM FC AIX 5.3

Thanks alot.
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Re: Antemeta+EVA5000 on AIX5.3 error

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