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Anyone familiar with HP ACU CLI ? - Urgent !!

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Anyone familiar with HP ACU CLI ? - Urgent !!

Hi folks;


I have a DL380 G7 and the other night I made a terrible mistake - I saw on HP's site that there was a SAS Backplane firmware upgrade for this machine and that it was *RECOMMENDED*.


During the off-line install the update failed to complete. It sat at 100% for some time and I left it for 45 minutes in the hopes that it would succeed.


Unfortunately, it didn't.


This DL380 has the optional second drive cage so it has 16 SFF drives in 4 bays. The firmware update attempts to update the firmware in each of the 4 bays. It upgraded 3 and than dropped the 4th bay. As a result, the RAID controller (P410i) could not see that bay nor the 4 drives....


I flashed and re-flashed and left it overnight and at some point this morning flashed it again. This time the 4th bay took the firmware upgrade and it came back on-line!


Unfortunately, the RAID 6 array now thinks that those 4 drives are missing. They're not, they're sitting in a pool called 'unassigned'.


So basically, the firmware upgrade orphaned 4 of my RAID 6 drives. So the question is, how do I re-assign those drives to the array?


The data should all still be there (nothing has happened to change any of the drives) but I can't figure out how to re-assign those drives back to the RAID 6 array.


Does anyone know how to get those drives back into the array? I called into HP and got people that really didn't know much about it. In fact, they told me that the SAS firmware update probably killed the 4 drives but that they'd be happy to send out some warranty replacements!!


How about that? Nevermind the data, nevermind that the drives are present they are just un-assigned.


Anyway, if anyone could help I'd appreciate it!

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Re: Anyone familiar with HP ACU CLI ? - Urgent !!

IF AND ONLY IF you do NOT need the data, then when the system boots up, it should prompt you to hit F1 or F2 to rebuild the array and accept data loss. Usually rebooting will bring this up. You can also try powering down, Removing the "orphaned" hard drives, Powering back UP and they will be detected as missing. Then Shutdown, re-add the drives and you should be able to rebuild the array. This is very likely to wipe out existing data.