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Array 12H : Data Unavailable

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Array 12H : Data Unavailable

Hi all,

I have a 12H with 8*9Gb HD.
Doing a test i add 2*32Gb HD and then without modifying the system or adding any data i try to remove the two 32Bg HD using :
#arraycfg -D A5 -d -R /dev/rdsk/c8t1d0
#arraycfg -D B5 -d -Z /dev/rdsk/c8t1d0

I thought that there wasn't any data on those disk but right now i'm not able to mount any filesystem on the 3 LUN.

I already find a thread about recovering block flagged as unavailable (using dd to find thoses blocs) ... No way

I don't think about a Hardware problem, everything seem to be claimed and the output of arraydsp look OK (see attached)

Is there a way to clean the arraymgr Warnings's and see the data back ?
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Re: Array 12H : Data Unavailable

Hi Gayet,

Since you are saying you were testing the array, I would presume you have taken the data backup.

When you add disks into the array it will start balancing the data across all the disks, since "AUTO INCLUDE" option is enabled.

The golden rule in AUTORAID is, "when the array is not in ready state do not add or remove disks".

Since any 2 concurrent disk failures will result in data loss in the array, you are having this condition. The below extract from your attachment is a proof for this

- Data Unavailable
- Redundancy Loss
- Rebuild Failed

Please restore the data from your backups. As far as I know, there is no way to recover it.
I sincerely hope I am wrong and someone here comes out with a solution for you.

With regards,
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Re: Array 12H : Data Unavailable


Restore databackup is my last solution. Because i think i have to Delete/Recreate the actual LUNs

Thx for your help

Re: Array 12H : Data Unavailable

any other ideas ?
Do the warnings make LUN unavailable ? What's happen if i clear logs using arraymgr -F .... ?

if i choose the restore backup way : can i delete the LUNs, shutdown the array, remove the 9Gb HD and replace them with 32Gb ? do the array warnings's disappear ?
A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: Array 12H : Data Unavailable

When you used the -Z and -R options, you overrode the safeguards. You should really understand that on AutoRAID's there is no way to point to a disk (or group of disks) and say that my data are there. If auto-include was enabled (the default), as soon as you added a new disk the array began a "Balance" operation to better distribute the data across all available disks.

You are going to have to delete the LUN's and recreate them; rebuild your volume groups and then build filesystems and restore from backup. You may even need to format the array after removing all the LUN's. Note: You can remove the LUN's and do the format operation from the front panel.

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Re: Array 12H : Data Unavailable

Going to delete Luns and format my array.

Thx you both for your time.