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Array 20, SP620 SCSI disk writing method

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Array 20, SP620 SCSI disk writing method

We have a HP 9000k class server, attached to array 20 storage box.

This storage box has SP620 SCSI controllers with 20 hard drives. 4 LUN and each LUN consists of 5 hdd's in RAID 5.

The problem is, the server stopped coming up and 3 LUN went offline due to power fluctuation. The file system is VxFS ver3. We have taken the drives out from the LUN's and when analysing the drives through a hex viewer we noticed strange thing.

Location of Super Block seems to be fine and is at sector tip (0 offset). However, thereafter the location of OLT is not at the sector tip (0 offset)but shifted to next 16 bytes and the next attributes are also shifted similarly 32 bytes and so on.

Is this because of VxFS version 3 file system? or is this the writing method of SP620 SCSI controller. We want to destripe and get the volumes out of the drives.

What is the default block size and parity of RAID 5by default or when it is created?

I would appreciate any help in this matter, thanks in advance for this help.
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Re: Array 20, SP620 SCSI disk writing method

Wow, technology from last century.


I can't remember most details, it's too long ago.

First of all I would try to get as much information about the current array status as you can from stm or gridmanager - depending on this I would decide either to repair something or restore the last backup to another disk device.

Hope this helps!

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