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Array Capacity Expansion Issues

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Array Capacity Expansion Issues

We have a Compaq Smart Array 5302 RAID Controller 64MB rev 2.32 with
8 x 36GB Ultra 3 SCSI RAID 5 Config with Hotspare =200GB Usable

The disks were physically located in a dual channel external storage tray.... 7x36gb on port1, and the 1 x36gb (hot spare) on port 2

We Added 3 x 36GB disks to port 2
We then Expanded the RAID set and Logical Drive via Compaq ACU Utility for Windows 2000 v 2.90A

The end result of the RAID Expansion was a logical drive of 261GB and 57GB of free disk space.
ie it successfully added all the space to the array, but only added 61gb to the logical disk, leaving 57gb unused

The problem is that we are unable to add the 57gb of free space to the logical drive in the ACU...it runs through the wizards and then runs for approx 6 hrs as it "expands" the logical drive across the free space. At the end...it "successfully" completes, but the layout is still the same...ie 261gb logical with 57gb free!!!
PS: This is pre O/S and has nothing to do W2K from what I can tell...
Any help or ideas would be appreciated!