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Array Configuration lost

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Array Configuration lost

Hi Everybody. I have a big problem.

After i attach new storage to serwer i've lost my previous storage. All disk are unassigned and there is no any logical drive. 

I have a serwer on windows 2k12r2, with p812 controller. I have attached D2600 storage (sas) with 12 600gb 15k disk (raid 50 with 2 spare) for speed, and today i try to connect next D2600 (move from other server) with 32tb of data (slower). After i attach this second storage and after restart - i don't see my first logic disk, only unassigned 600gb disks. 

Is there any possibility to restore this configuration? I think only metadata was lost, not entire data?

Thank you very much for your help.



Re: Array Configuration lost

Hello @Puzon,

Good day!!

We would like you to provide us more information.

how you connected the other D2600? same controller or different controller?

We need to check the connectivity part..how it was earlier and what you changed?..also need to collect ADU report  with slot x so we can verify what you did.

 We can not tell that we will recover but we can check the possibility after reviewing available data..

I hope this helps!!

Please  log a ticket with us!!