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Disk Enclosures
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Array Enclosure Battery: NONCRITICAL

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Array Enclosure Battery: NONCRITICAL

FC60 Disk array is giving warning "Array Enclosure Battery: NONCRITICAL " when I ran amdsp command and all the other ctrlr,disks are OK.The EMS tells to replace BAttery, but when I checked the LED status of battery on the front panel is OK( Fully Charged).
Can someone help me. I am attaching the error messages.
Sep 23 13:43:36 vayu EMS [1990]: ------ EMS Event Notification ------ Valu
e: "SERIOUS (4)" for Resource: "/storage/events/disk_arrays/FC60/000A00A0B8091DB
0" (Threshold: >= " 3") Execute the following command to obtain event de
tails: /opt/resmon/bin/resdata -R 86310916 -r /storage/events/disk_arrays/FC60
/000A00A0B8091DB0 -n 130416668 ???a
Event 22

Severity: SERIOUS
Event Summary: Disk Array at hardware path : Array at hardware path 8/, path 8/ The primary battery has failed.
Event Class: Array
Problem Description:
This event message is displayed when the primary battery fails or at boot up, because the battery may be charging.
Probable Cause / Recommended Action:
Replace the battery from the main enclosure.

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Re: Array Enclosure Battery: NONCRITICAL

This is an EMS notification, telling you that
primary battery had developed problem, nothing serious.
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Wayne Green
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Re: Array Enclosure Battery: NONCRITICAL

We've had several of these recently. HP will replace the battery, its a hot swap unit. The only issue is while it is failed or charging the write cache will not be enabled.

You may also want to check your controller firmware revision. HP are recommending HP11 to us as earlier revisions may be reporting battery problems in error.
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Brian M Rawlings
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Re: Array Enclosure Battery: NONCRITICAL

It is important to have any questionable battery replaced, and HP will do it without question, for this reason: in this array, this battery keeps the write cache data alive through power failures (up to several days long, but not forever). If the battery is marginal or questionable, it may not keep the critical write cache data alive more than a second or two, or maybe zero. That would be bad. Write cache is mirrored to the second controller, but the odds of a controller failing during a power failure are vastly higher than one failing as it sits quietly running.

Get it replaced, post-haste. As I said, HP understands the critical nature of this item, and will replace it upon the first incident of hiccup or log entry.

Good Luck!! --bmr
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Anu Mathew
Valued Contributor

Re: Array Enclosure Battery: NONCRITICAL


We had the same issue in three FC60 arrays at the same time. Even upon replacing the battery, amdsp -a still was at NON-CRITICAL.

Once the replaced battery is fully charged, give

#ammgr -b /arrayalias

This resets the battery age to zero.

Was passing through the forums when I initially had the situation, and thought that I should update this section, as it may be useful for some.


Anu Mathew