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Array Expansion

Karl Seidl
Occasional Visitor

Array Expansion

I have an ML370 G2 running 3-36Gb drives that are Raid 5 with 1 logical drive. I would like to add another 36Gb drive to the array and then expand the existing logical drive to include the space the new drive adds.
Can I have a 4 drive raid 5 array or does it have to be 5 drives?
What are the steps you take using the ACU to do this process?
My existing logical drive is also the system partition. Is this a problem?
otto warlich
Regular Advisor

Re: Array Expansion

Hello Karl,

This depends on th array controller you use.
With the latest controllers you can expand online. So you can add 1 disk to expand the existing array. (option will show in ACU if the disk is added to the system).
If it is only the system partion on that logical drive it will be an backup/restore action. Or using a third part util like acronis / partition magic.

With regards,