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Array + Logical Disk Expanding

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Array + Logical Disk Expanding


We have a little problem.
We have a old (NT) server and is running out of space.
There is one slot free in the Array and we have another disk left.
We just put in the disk and expanded the Array.
Now we have Unused Diskspace and want to expand the Logical Disk.

Can i just expanded the disk with COMPAQ ARRAY TOOL ? But we get a warning that it isn't support for Linux and Win2k unless sp3 or later.
We have NT4.0 sp6a is that a problem ??

Please help!!
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Re: Array + Logical Disk Expanding

Yes, AFAIK it is a problem. IF you have win2k (or 2k3) then diskpart command would do the job - assuming we are not talking about boot partition though.

With NT you will probably be able to that using some 3rd party tools, like Partition Magic, etc.

Or - if downtime is acceptable - then backup the data, delete logical drive, create new, larger one & restore the data to it.

Well, backup is more than welcome even if you will try to do it with the likes of Partition Magic.

Don't panic! [THGTTG]