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Array Migration

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Array Migration

We have just installed a seperate 431 controller into a ml370 (not the ROC) running NT4. Having installed the correct utils and drivers from SS5 we then set the server up with a new RAID 1 array on the new controller and left the original disk on the built in SCSI controller. We then used Nortons Ghost to transfer the data/os from the single disk to the Array. Next we removed the original disk and rebooted the server onto the RAID disks. This all went fine. The final task was to use the original disk from the SCSI bus in the array and migrate it to RAID 5. Tried to start this, but got an error mesage informing us that we needed a newer version of the firmware to support migration. We thought we had the latest (1.18a). Anyone got any Ideas please?

Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Array Migration

We are presently up to V1.22 (SP17866) for the Smart 431. Also you might want to flash the firmware on the hard drives. (SP16369). The firmware for the 431 should fix your issue.
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