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Array config problems

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Array config problems

Can anyone shed any light on this-

I've recently installed a SA 431 into a Proliant ML350. The SA431 connects to a 4314 drive enclosure.
The plan was to keep NT on the disks attached to the server's embedded scsi controller and have the data on two raid arrays on the external enclosure.
Used the latest ML350 firmware update and used smartstart 5.10
After running the ACU from smartstart and rebooting the server a non-system disk error was displayed, checked the controller order and made sure it was set to boot from the embedded scsi first. Rebooted again and still non-system disk.
Tried booting another ML350 with that disk and it also displayed non-system disk.
Reinstalled NT and tried again. Ran ACU from startstart and found my array configurations had been kept so booted into NT and installed the 431 drivers. NT sees the new logical drives and everything works.
I decided to add new disks to the enclosure. Ran ACU and made a new array, after saving the config and rebooting I got non-system disk error again. The boot order is correct [boot from embedded scsi first]. The NT disk was in the same state as the first one.
Whats going on? am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance