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Arraydsp -m vs TFM description

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Arraydsp -m vs TFM description

Ooops! Sorry about that previous blank post. It's that nadvertant elbow...or perhaps too much coffee!

My question is about the manual and man pages which refer to column 5 on arraydsp -m as Disk Queue, yet the 12H and 11.x generate a fifth column of SCSI Q.

Is there a difference?

Also, the values I get are between 23 and 64, far higher than the manual's suggested typical amounts of 2-4. Yet nothing else in the other values (cache util, cache queue, etc) appears out of the unusual, and arraydsp -r has nothing to suggest. I do get disk alerts on one VG/LV which happens to be the database.

Any ideas on the above two questions?


Maarten van Maanen
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Re: Arraydsp -m vs TFM description


I seem to get the same resulsts with the 12H (and Oracle) as you. You don't give the configuration for your 12H, but with 6 disks my SCSI Queue is regularly up around a 100, it should not be higher than around 30. This queue-load listed is the internal dual SCSI-queue and not the wide-diff. queue running to the HPUX afaik.
I have switched the Resiliency Setting to High Performance and that changed things a lot but I switched it back to normal to be on the safe side. However, even with the high queue-loads, I don't get complaints from users so I don't worry too much.
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Re: Arraydsp -m vs TFM description

Check these links:



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Re: Arraydsp -m vs TFM description

The SCSI Queue is referring to the queue for the internal disks...it is the same.
Also the users guide is incorrect and the values for this parameter should be:
Array not in use = 0
Desired range = 0-50
Performance problems = >50
and the description of this metric is:
"Indicates the average number of transactions waiting in the internal disk SCSI queues. Too many commands in the queues decrease performance."
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Re: Arraydsp -m vs TFM description

thank you.