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Attaching FC-10 to 9000 N

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Attaching FC-10 to 9000 N

I am not a hardware guy so I need some newbie type help before I sound too ignorant about FC's and get the wrong quote.

I am soliciting bids for a FC-10 to augment our 12H. I would like to know else I need to attach this aside from the cabinet, disks and cable.
(One bid has one FC PCI cards, the other has 1 Port PCI 2x Fibre Channel Adapter and 2 Gigabit Interface Converters.)

As always, thanks in advance.

David Navarro
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Re: Attaching FC-10 to 9000 N

Hi. It depends what do you want to do.

If you need only more storage capacity, you can buy an FC-10 with just one interface card and another HBA for your server. If you want a redundant configuration, then you need two seperate hba's ( If you install a hba with two interfaces, you will loose part of redundancy and availability ). Then you need a two interfaces FC-10 and redundant power supply.
Don't forget gbics ( I think FC-10 has gbics included) and fibre cables.

In a future, you can "upgrade" this solution with FC hubs or switches and attach more than one machine to that cabinet. I know better with something like a virtual array, but you can do it.

I Hope it help you.
harry d brown jr
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Re: Attaching FC-10 to 9000 N


I use two FC10's on my n-class server, and it works great for JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disk). The FC10's aren't raid devices so I'm not sure how they will augment your 12H. They will give you more disk. The dual port Fibre Channel card has not been "blessed" by HP yet (but they better soon, because I need them), so you might be better off going for two single PCI - FC cards (don't forget to order cables).

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