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Auto RAID ARM logs

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Auto RAID ARM logs

Are there any interpretive guidelines for the data presented by the "logprint
-t perf" command. This command extracts performance data from the ARM logs.

The AutoRAID manuals address it ambiguously and very briefly. The response
center has been no help; essentially responding that the performance data is
for HP use. The implicataion is that to tune the AutoRAID we must contract
with HP for performance consulting. This is NOT the "HP Way".



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Re: Auto RAID ARM logs

Phillip, A complete description of each performance metric is found in the "HP
SureStore E Disk Array 12H User's And Service" manual which is available from
www.HP.Com web page under HP services & support. I will also be glad to fax you
about 3 pages of information on 10 metrics which gives desired range, the
threshold for preformance problems, and a column of definitions explaining this
metric. If you will respond with a fax number, I will fax this info to you.
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Re: Auto RAID ARM logs


I have been reviewing the AutoRaids at my site and there is a command you xould
use. arraydsp -r stime etime S/N. stime is the start time for metrics format =
mmddhhmmyy and etime is the end time for metrics format = mmddhhmmyy.

If you are trying to get a feel of what is going on with those LUNs try the
following for each LUN:

"pvdisplay -v /dev/dsk/cxtxdx |more".

The output is going determine whether or not your logical volumes are

If you have more questions or want greater detail feel free to e-mail me