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Auto Raid 12H Change the failed Disk

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Auto Raid 12H Change the failed Disk


I am very much new to Ar-12H, where one Disk failed, I am having the New disk, How to add
the Disk?

Is there any thing I need to do or the Raid Box will do automatically?

It is connected to HP9000 L-1000 Server with HPUX 11.00

Pls help me out.

Thanks in Advance,
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Auto Raid 12H Change the failed Disk

To replace a failed disk in an autoraid you just pull the bad disk and put in the new disk. The behavior at this point depends on how the autoraid is configured.

If you have Active Hot Spare turned off and Auto Rebuild turned on, then when you replace the disk the rebuild will start automatically (this is how mine are configured).
If you have Active Hot Spare turned on and Auto Rebuild turned on then your array has already automatically rebuilt itself and the new disk you put in will become the new hot spare.

If you have Auto Rebuild turned off, and Active Hot Spare turned off, then you will have to manually initiate the rebuild after you replace the disk. I do not remember the procedure to do that. You would have to check in your AutoRaid manual for that.

I hope this helps.
Mark van Silfhout
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Re: Auto Raid 12H Change the failed Disk


The comments of Patrick are correct, but you need to have the auto-include function enabled (else the disk will not be used at all).
Also the active hot spare is *NOT* a single reserved disk! It just space reserved over all volumes to rebuild a broken disk. So even if you have an active hot spare end auto-rebuild enabled, after replacing the disk, the autoraid will start to spread all data evenly across the disks in the autoraid (this will be done when there is low I/O traffic from the hosts).


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Re: Auto Raid 12H Change the failed Disk

yes, make sure auto include is enabled.
You can do this from the control pannel:
Disk Changes: Auto Include
commandline: arraycfg -D A5 -a
include disk in slot A5 'manually'
arraymgr -i on
auto include on

should report no space allocated to Unincluded disks.

the include will cause a balance operation that'll take
significant CPU... so do it when the users of the file
systems are all gone home.
A balance is the auto movement of data from rebuilt
RAID 5 storage to RAID1/0