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Auto Raid 12H - Creating new VG


Auto Raid 12H - Creating new VG

I am having AutoRaid 12H (Single controller) with L-1000 Server-HPUX 11.00. At present I created one Volume Group Vg01 on the Raid Box.(RAID 5)

I wanted to create another Volume Group(Ex.Vg02) on the same Raid Box,by adding new
hard disks.

Is it possible to have two VG on the same
AuotRaid 12H with Single controller.If it is
possible can you tell me the procedure.If not
what I need to have (H/W & S/W)to meet my

Thanks in Advance
Maarten van Maanen
Regular Advisor

Re: Auto Raid 12H - Creating new VG

No problem haveing as many VG's on the AutoRAID as you want. Just follow the normal procedure that you would use to create a VG. You might have to create a new LUN on your AutoRAID however if all available LUN-space is already allocated. This you do with the arraycfg-command.
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Re: Auto Raid 12H - Creating new VG

Get more information from these links:


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Bob Inglis
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Re: Auto Raid 12H - Creating new VG

You can have up to 8 Volume Groups on the AutoRaid It is limited only by the number of LUNs allowed on the AutoRaid, which is 8.

If you do not have unassigned space on the AutoRaid you will have to add disks.

Then bind an additional LUM either from the front panel of the AutoRaid or using the command line. Then insf ?e ?, pvcreate, newfs vgcreat?., etc. or reboot and use SAM.
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Antoanetta Naghiu
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Re: Auto Raid 12H - Creating new VG

As it was said, you can add a disk and create a new vg into array, no problem.
If you are not familiar with hp-ux or/and array commands, do it via SAM.
Add the disk, the array will asimilate it. Go to sam->disk and file systems->Disk devices. Highlight the HP Autoraid Disk Controller. Go to Action->disk array maintenance->include disk. After finish, go to Bind LUN.
Leave Diskdevice and go under volume group-create new vg- select the name, the disk=the lun that you just create, and so on....