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AutoRAID 12H disks

Alex Georgiev
Regular Advisor

AutoRAID 12H disks

I have an AutoRAID 12H with some 4GB and some 9GB disks. I needs to add some more space now, and I'm looking at replacing one or two of the 4GB drives with 9GB drives.

The 9 gig drives in the array are Seagate ST39102LC.

Let's say I buy one or two ST39102LC drives.

Can I remove a 4GB drive from the AutoRAID, open the drive modules (aka the box that the drive sits in), put an ST39102LC drive in there, and then insert that back into the array?

Or do I have to buy a disk module? Is there anything special about these drive modules? Can they be opened with a screwdriver, of they sealed?

Obviously, I don't want to pull one out just that I can find out.

Thanks in advance!
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: AutoRAID 12H disks

I believe that those can be opened, but it is not easy. If you happened to break something trying to get it open or back together you'd be in a bit of a pinch.

Your best bet would probably be to check some of the 3rd party resellers and see about getting some disks through them for your 12H.
Sunil Sharma_1
Honored Contributor

Re: AutoRAID 12H disks


In practical way you can open module and change disk and put it back. there is no issue and disk will work fine.but if your Storage in HP contract then HP will not support this new config.

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