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AutoRAID Battery Discharged

Enzo Tano
Occasional Contributor

AutoRAID Battery Discharged

Hi to all,
I have a problem with an 12 disks AutoRAID. When start at initializing 68x display a message "Battery Discharged".
During the initialization disk's led are on, this not happen when disk arrays works correctly.

Thanks for help.
Enzo Tano
Occasional Contributor

Re: AutoRAID Battery Discharged

I understand the problem, the battery of controller aren't good, after changed its, is all ok.
Honored Contributor

Re: AutoRAID Battery Discharged

this is not really a problem. once you shut the array down correctly on the last power down.

recall correct way to shutdown an autoraid after umounting and vgchanging, use shutdown option or command, ie: don't pull power cord or trip the rack.

The batteries serve to protect write cache and lun to disk mapping when power has been cut. If you properly shutdown all this data is on disk as part of the shutdown process.

The autoraid can store these maps with fully charged batteries for 8 days or so, before you loose them (and hence got serious data loss and painful recovery to attempt)

You're array was either off for a short while, enough to cause ONE of the batteries to fall to less than a 50% charge on controller initialisation... however, the controller will have noticed this charge and decided to charge up the controller, (you have no error anymore right - arraydsp -a | grep -i battery)

Batteries should be changed every 3 years to be safe.

Also, the battery could have underwent automatic discharge/recharge testing by the array, just to test that it is still good.

So in short... there is no problem unless you see Battery X Failed.

Note if the battery does not charge after 30 mins after bootup to a 90% level the array will report it as failed. If you pull/reseat the controler the battery may just charge up that extra bit and be reported as good.. so moral: monitor the results of arraydsp -a carefully at least once a week.

It works for me (tm)