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AutoRAID Hot Spare

Edward Carey
Occasional Advisor

AutoRAID Hot Spare

We have a AutoRAID Model 12H array with 12x 18GB drives... Recently, one drive failed and the hot spare drive kick in as expected...

Are there any way to re-create a hot-spare capacity without replacing the faulty drive ?
HP Tech Area
Roger Buckthal_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: AutoRAID Hot Spare

Spare space is virtual. Meaning it's not a specific disk in the array, but available capacity distributed to all the disks in the array. Free space can be used by Rebuild as 'Hot Spare' space. Free space is the unused capacity of the array -- the space available to create new LUNs with.

If you have 'Hot Spare' enabled, AND you have no warning about insufficient Hot Spare space, then ... the array is still capable of rebuilding after another disk failure.