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AutoRaid 12 hanging frequently


AutoRaid 12 hanging frequently

I have an Autoraid 12H connected to a D class server that of late has been hanging frequently. Since the Autoraid was installed about two year ago we ahve not had any problem and we have not added any new disk. When the storage hangs it display testing on the control panel and goes Ready state after fourty minutes or more.The autoraid controller firmware is HP60.I have attached an extract of syslog for further reffernce. Could anyone out there who has an idea of the solution to this problem assist. thanks in advance.
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Re: AutoRaid 12 hanging frequently

you've got disk failure on one of the disks in the autoraid. This will affect the lun that occupies this block area.

blkno: 2017587, sectno: 4035174, offset: 2066009088, bcount: 7168.

now, you need to get the arraylog to determine which disk in the 12h is failing since all you have is information about the lun (ie one of your PVs in VG 01)

Feb 11 15:13:49 nboco1 vmunix: LVM: Recovered Path (device 0x1f010000) to PV 0 in VG 1.

the logprint command should tell you exactly which disk is failed.

I would:
1: set/ensure active hot spare is on:
2: pull the failed disk during off hours.
3: wait for the rebuild or insert a replacement disk.
you may prefer to add a 1: backup!

Good luck
It works for me (tm)

Re: AutoRaid 12 hanging frequently

thanks alot for the promt response. I have been suspecting the disk but i have test all the disk on the AutoRaid and are all returning a ready state although i cannot do the same when the disk storage is in hange state.the extract on the logprint points to FRU whose component ID is 6. have attached a extract of logprint for further refference. thanks in advance.
Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: AutoRaid 12 hanging frequently

this logprint you've made contains controller events only. Please attach to your next reply ZIPPED:
1. 'arraydsp -a';
2. 'logprint -t All' - all means all events, not just controller ones