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AutoRaid 12H

D. Versluis
Occasional Contributor

AutoRaid 12H

We have an AutoRaid 12H connected to a hp9000/D390. When the x-controller goes
down, it takes about two minutes before the y-controller takes over the job.
Is this normal, or is the configuration of the AutoRaid wrong.




P.S. This thread has been moved from General to Disk array. - Hp Forum moderator


Re: AutoRaid 12H

The ALT (Auto LUN Transfer/Failover) does not occur immediately following a
controller failure. The trigger event for the ALT is an I/O request through the
controller path which does not own the LUN. Once this occurs the ALT will
begin. The majority of this time is consumed by the controller writing dirty
cache to the disks. So yes it could take 2 minutes.