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AutoRaid Problems


AutoRaid Problems

Hi, Pls. give me a hand.
This is a D380 with Autoraid 12H of 5 disks. They're seating at A6, B6, A5,B5, A4.The Hot Spare is active. At Sep.30, I replaced the fault A5 disk as display LED reported. So the rebuild started. But after about one hour, rebuild failed.Message:'System warning' is on the display LED. And the attached file is the output of arraydsp -a, with warning message.

Only one Lun is on this array.So I tried dd for this LUN and with error output. So there must be another disk fault, right? If this is yes, My wondering is that: This array's hot spare is active. So if first disk A5 failed, hot spare will take over the data on the failing A5 automatically.Even another disk has failed. Considering the Raid's feature, the data should not be UNAVAILABLE. But the output of arraydsp said: data unvailable.I'm lost.


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Mark van Hassel
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Re: AutoRaid Problems


In theory it should be possible that two disks can fail and your data is still available when active hot spare is enabled. However I think this time that is not te case because the second disk failed when the autoraid was rebuilding and I believe "rebuild information" was lost. (the array uses not-used space to rebuild the data structures).

I think you need to restore your data from backup.
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A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: AutoRaid Problems


Active Spare or Not, anytime a rebuild is in progress, your AutoRAID is vulnerable to the failure of a disk. Active hot space, simply means that the rebuild can start automatically
without intervention on your part because there is disk available. In your case, the failure occured during the rebuild. There must be enough data + parity to regenerate the data and that is no longer the case. About all that is left to try is to shutdown the array, power off, and power back up and hopefully the bad disk will spin up and become active again.

I hope you had good backup.

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