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AutoRaid setup

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João Luís Marques Pinto
Occasional Advisor

AutoRaid setup

I am currently starting to work with HP AutoRaid so I would apreciate some help.

This is the output from arraydsp on one of our AutoRaids,

--- Disk space usage --------------------
Total physical = 69442 MB *
Allocated to LUNs = 36000 MB *
Used as Active Hot spare = 8683 MB *
Used by non-included disks = 0 MB *
Used for Redundancy = 13263 MB *
Unallocated (avail for LUNs) = 11496 MB *

The "Unallocated (avail for LUNs)" is the disk space I can use without affecting the RAID level ?
I looked at docs.hp.com but I found no documentation on autoraid setup, any tips/urls on how to manage hp autoraid are welcome.
Enes Dizdarevic
Honored Contributor

Re: AutoRaid setup

HP AutoRAID changed its name to HP SureStore 12H few years ago. You can find documentation at http://www.hp.com/cposupport/manindex/hpsurestor19162_eng_man.html
Mark van Hassel
Respected Contributor

Re: AutoRaid setup


The unallocated space is indeed the space you can use for LUNs. If you use all of this, 10% of your (most accessed) date will be in RAID0/1 and the rest will be in RAID5. If you only use half of it, all of your data will be in RAID0/1 (you can check this with "arraydsp -a [serial nr or alias].

NOTE that the maximum nr of LUNs is 8, so keep in that in mind with future growth.

Also the optimum nr of LUNs is about 4 or 5.


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