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Autopath VA

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Lucian Deuter
Occasional Contributor

Autopath VA


I have installed a Proliant DL 380 with W2k Adv. Srv (SP4). I installed two D8602B FCHBAs that were previously installed in a LT 6000r and worked fine. I installed the latest driver for the HBAs ( and Autopath VA 1.04.

The Autopath driver is working fine, but I am not able to start the Autopath Software (Server and Client) to change the Load Balancing settings. What's wrong???

Re: Autopath VA

If the HBA driver was installed when you installed AutoPath it may not have installed correctly. It is tough to say without any error information but this should take care of the problem:

Remove AutoPath VA
Remove the HBA drivers
Reinstall AutoPath VA
Reinstall the HBA drivers

It will require several reboots but afterwards AutoPath should work correctly. The manuals are available here for additional help after AutoPath is installed:
Erwin Zoer
Trusted Contributor

Re: Autopath VA

Hi Lucien,

It looks like a problem with the Java VM. Usually when using machines with higher speed CPU's, the implementation of the Java VM breaks at some points and Java applications, such as the Auto Path GUI, fail to work correctly.

My suggestion would be to upgrade your Java VM. The VM can be downloaded from Sun's website. When installing, I would recommend you install over the existing installation which usually is located somewhere below the directory \HPSS.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Re: Autopath VA


you should also look for an AutoPath update to Version 2.xx (and update your JVM)