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Autoraid 12H 36gb replacing 9gb

Occasional Advisor

Autoraid 12H 36gb replacing 9gb

I have a autoraid 12H with 7x9gb 7200 rpm
and 5x18gb 10k rmp.
looking to replace 3x9gb with 3x36gb 10k rmp
we are currently running on firmware HP62

active hot spare is enabled
auto include is enabled
auto rebuild is enabled

wanted to know
1)what is the best way of doing this
2) does the host spare changes automaticaly to 36gb from 18gb
3) after removing 9gb drive and replacing it with 36gb how long does it take to rebuild
4)right now we dont have any unallocated space should we consider to leave some for performance and how much.

Thank you

sorry if this is posted again
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Autoraid 12H 36gb replacing 9gb


1) Make sure that you have replaced the fan's with the high-speed modules. If the little fan labels are flat you have the old low-volume fan modules; if the little fans are raised bubbles you have the hi-speed modules and it is safe to proceed. The method couldn't be simpler. Remove 1 drive; insert new drive. WAIT for light show to finish. Repeat.

2) Yes the hot-spare changes; you must have enough space to cover the failure of the largest single drive.

3) It depends but three - four hours in not unusual. Be patient and let the array finish balancing before inserting another drive.

4) When you need to ask that question you are probably already past that point. I typically begin to notice a significant decline when the array capacity exceed 70% allocated as LUNS; 60% is better.

Final Point: Backup before doing this. I have never been burned replacing AutoRAID disks and I typically do this online on fully functioning systems. My rule of thumb is that if you have a good backup you won't need it but ... .

Regards, Clay

If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Stefan Saliba
Trusted Contributor

Re: Autoraid 12H 36gb replacing 9gb

I would also suggest replacing 4x36gb not 3 for best improvent. With three in you would not get the most as regards to disk space when as compared to 4. As regards unallaocated disk space you should leave at least 40% unallocated otherwise as in your case you end up having nearly all data in RAID5 and only 10% RAID 0/1.

Remember to patch the ARMserver to the lastest patch when using HP62 firmware, I think the patch is PHCO_23262.

Yes the hot spare will automatically change in size.

When replacing disks replace one at a time and do not change a disk unless the array state is READY. When you insert a new disk and auto_include is on , then it will automatically re-balance data.
re-balance will take around 3 hrs per disk and depends on how much data you have

Good luck