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Autoraid 12H rebuild failure

Jon Whitmore_1
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Autoraid 12H rebuild failure

Hi , We've had a problem when our HP 12H autoraid failed to rebuild after swapping out a 9Gb disk for an 18Gb disk (SLOT B4). The auto rebuild failed after an hour or so. After checking the arraydsp, arraylog and logprint output, which are attached, it looked to me as though a bad segment on the Disk in Slot A1 had caused the rebuild to fail. A manual rebuild perfomed later succeeded.

I'm new to autoraid and we do not have the 12H manual, can someone please confirm to me that my theory that the rebuild failed because of a dodgy cylinder on disk A1. If thats not the case I'd be grateful for an opinion on what really happened.
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Re: Autoraid 12H rebuild failure

Yes, that's exactly what appears to have happened.
The autoraid then readjusted Raid levels to compensate. Note that once you insert the replacement disk, the autoraid can rebuild using the extra disk capacity, but up to that point you were at a single point of failure... you'd be very unluck if another disk failed!

You do however need to add 2 18GB drives to make use of the extra capacity... ie with only one 18G drive and all the rest 9G, the 18G drive is treated as a 9G.
You will only get the 18G capacity if there is a pair.

You _may_ also need to change fans if the drives are 10krpm.
10k rpm drives have a plastic see thru bubble. 7200rpm drive fans have a sticker for the fan label.

You can proove that A1 has errors via a drive test using sam..

It works for me (tm)
Kevin Addison
Occasional Advisor

Re: Autoraid 12H rebuild failure

You should check the version of firmware on the Autoraid. There are functions built into HP62 to log data unavailable events.

With HP62 if you have bad blocks the recovery is far easier. HP62 gives informaton to the lun and logical block address affected.

If you do want to upgrade the firmware your local CE can perform this for you. Note there is an essential arm server patch that must be installed before the firmware is upgraded.

The checking process can be scheduled via the new commands in the firmware or left to default.

Firmware version can be displayed through the front panel, arraydsp command or mstm info.

If you are having the firmware upgraded ask the CE to upgrade all the disk firmware at the same time.