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Autoraid 12h - Can't add more disk

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Greg Stark_1
Frequent Advisor

Autoraid 12h - Can't add more disk

We have an Autoraid 12h with 5 18 Gig drives. Because of performance problems during our Oracle Hot backup we want to increase the amount of unallocated space. We bought a re-furbed 18 Gig drive from a local vendor. We have auto include enabled, but when I put the drive in the bay the light on it turned yellow for a few seconds and then went out and the LED said "system warning". In SAM, I tried manually including the disk, but it still gives warnings and the unallocated disk space does not increase. I can see the drive in the bay through SAM, but there is a warning that reads "Physical Drive Problem". When I highlight the drive within SAM, the status is "Previously Used". The Array Monitor Daemon also kicked off a similar message last night.

I have attached the output of arraydsp -a and the drive is in B4.

Any ideas?

Craig Rants
Honored Contributor

Re: Autoraid 12h - Can't add more disk

If the disk was previously used in another VG use the following command to get rid of the data:

pvcreate -f /dev/rdsk/cxtxdx

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Andreas Voss
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Re: Autoraid 12h - Can't add more disk


the disk you get was already used in another autoraid system.
To get it work try:

arraycfg -D B4 -a

Ananda Atmavidya
Occasional Visitor

Re: Autoraid 12h - Can't add more disk

I have the auto include on. will that be aproblem with this command?
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Autoraid 12h - Can't add more disk

The pvcreate command is useless and meaningless in this context. "Auto Include" only works if the disk is blank (for our purposes that means not used before in another AutoRAID). To include a "Used" disk, use the Front Panel menus:
Select Disk Changes from the Main Menu
Select Include Disk
Select a Disk Number (e.g. B5)
Select "Confirm".

If that fails the drive is defective.
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