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Autoraid ArmServer

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Gregg Hamrick
Occasional Visitor

Autoraid ArmServer

cannot config AutoRaid via SAM, get message that the server, /opt/hparray/bin/ARMServer is not running. Syslog reports:
ArmServr: osctrlr::ServerLock Unable to open server lock file; errno = 2

Anyone with any idea as to the lock file location so I can change perms or create the necessary directory?
TIA - gregg



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Patrick Wessel
Honored Contributor

Re: Autoraid ArmServer

You want to check if the Array Monitor Daemon is running
ps -ef | grep arraymond

If not, verify if the ARMserver is installed
all necessary files for the ARMserver should be installed in

You the ARMserver is a product, you should have bought together with the AutoRAID.
If not, install patch PHCO_21435 (hp-ux 11.0) or PHCO 21309 (hp-ux 10.20)
There is no good troubleshooting with bad data

Re: Autoraid ArmServer

This is a cheat sheet I use when working through armserver problems. It leverages off older array (C2400) software. Also some of the files have moved to different directories but ALL should be on your system somewhere.


Verify latest patch: (the first reply had that info.

Do insf -H x/x.x.x -e to ANY array lun (C2430,nike,etc) primary or alternate not listed by: ioscan -fnC disk.

Purge any ARMServer process showing up in ps-ef list

Do cd to /var/opt/hparray directory. Remove (rm) the armserver.lock file
Do cd to /var/opt/hparray/log directory. Remove (rm) all logs (Lxxx) and LOGCATLG file. Now enter: touch LOGCATLG to create new catalog file.
Confirm that S.armserver.socket file is in this log directory (old version armserver had socket file in /tmp directory as filename s.unixstr . Armserver wont run if this file is purged..but will recreate it when hparray start command issued.
Do cd back to root and enter : /usr/sbin/hpC2400/arrayscan
Start the armserver with command /sbin/init.d/hparray start (same as boot script) OR /opt/hparray/bin/ARMServer
Wait about 30sec's, then try arraydsp -R ..then arraydsp -i again

Still trouble?
Ensure at least lun0 exists in array and ioscan shows hw as OK (not NO_HW).
Also do "lsdev" at root and check for DIAG0 (in the 1st 10 lines or so).
IOSCAN hangs? At root do: strings etc/lvmtab , then: lssf /dev/dsk/cxtxdx , then: ioscan -fnH x/x.x.x (to scan just this device path)