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BC 2.3

Does the BC 2.3 for EVA enable me to recover the parent volume directly from the Snapshot? If yes? what is the commmand used?. Do I have to copy the snapshot mounted volume and paste it on the parent volume from the host side?

Peter Mattei
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Re: BC 2.3

No, BC for the EVA does not allow to do a resynch of volumes. (Neither with snapshots nor with snapclones)
With snapshots you need to copy the snapshot via a host; with snapclones you can unpresent the parent volume and mount the clone!

This is what has changed with BC2.3:
- Support for new drives
- Support for Snapshots between Vraid types (0, 1, 5) within the same disk group
- Support for Snapclones between different Vraid types and across disk groups including FATA disk groups
- Support for installation on Windows server
BC can be installed on either the SMA or a customer supplied W2003 EE server
- New licensing model

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Uwe Zessin
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Re: BC 2.3

Be carefull with allocate-on-demand snapshots:
remember that if you copy the data from the snapshot unit back to the parent volume, you will overwrite all old data. This will require a lot of space to save the previous data for the snapshot.