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BC + Sybase 12

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BC + Sybase 12


When talking to my customer about the required disk configuration for his Sybase machines on Sun Solaris, the following questions was asked.
How his Vdisk should be created in regards to LVM on Sun Solaris.
Shoud it be 1 big Vdisk, and from there "partition" it under Solaris LVM ?
I replied that its better to take several Vdisks from the EVA, dividing them for DB - Log - Dump etcetera.
Now i am convinced this is the better solution over the first one.
Problem i have now is, how does this relate to BC for these Vdisk's ?
If i have 5 Vdisks for the Solaris Machine on which the Sybase MAster Database and the rest of the DB's are on seperate Lun's reside, should i then make more than 1 BC (snap or clone) in order to get a consistent State for restore ?
Is it in this case not better to have one Vdisk for the Solaris machine, on which all the Databases reside, this makes BC'ing a lot easier.
Im a bit confused here..
Any ideas ?


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Re: BC + Sybase 12

Is there no one who can share some guidelines to LVM (Vdisks per Volume Group)and Vdisks in regards to business copy ?
I'm in a tight spot here