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BC with W2K

Franz Hillebrand
Occasional Contributor

BC with W2K

Can anyone me descripte the process for splitting a BC on a node a (with dynamic disks) and activating it on a second W2k node for backup.

Is it similar to the LVM process on HP-UX.

For my understanding (and what i read out from MS technet) i need to have Veritas Volume Manager for this funcions....

It is not really clear who windows works with dynamic disks? Like a VG? If yes then i have one exsting group from the local disks, so how can i import the BC Volumes to the second node, or will this be done by W2K himself....

THX for help

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Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: BC with W2K

W2k's Disk Administrator is Veritas software. You may need an upgraded (full)version to do this, but I think not.

W2K should allow you to mark the disks when you see them. In fact, it should insist on it.

Good Luck
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