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BCV No storage mapping for host

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Richard Ace
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BCV No storage mapping for host

Business Copy SNAP backups are failling and each night. I cannot figure out why or where to go with this one. I have attached the findings. Can anyone help me or steer me in the right direction in resolving this issue

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Re: BCV No storage mapping for host

(Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on EVAs.)

The error message seems to appear when the EVA is told to create a BCV. I think this may be an EVA configuration issue of some kind.

Find someone who understands the configuration of your EVA storage systems and can verify if it's correct or not.

The partly-obscured command in your second screenshot is:

SNAP VOLUME cgmisproddb1 /dev/vg12 $BCV1 DEMAND_ALLOCA[the rest is covered by another window]

If cgmisproddb1 is a HP-UX system, /dev/vg12 is most likely a volume group. Apparently "/dev/vg12" is not a meaningful identifier for the Business Copy tool. Look at the appropriate documentation to find out what kind of identifiers you should use with the SNAP VOLUME command, and then to your EVA configuration to find the correct identifier(s).

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: BCV No storage mapping for host

Hey guys,

Which (presumably quite old) EVA is this?

In recent Command Views the business copy operations can be done manually inside Command View.

And the scripts and schedules can be done via SSSU or RSM (replication solutions manager).

In recent EVAs the syntax to each vdisk/snap can be figured out through the SSSU or CV.

I think it's usually something like this: "/Virtual Disks/Folder/VDisk name"