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BCV's Timefinder/SRDF

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BCV's Timefinder/SRDF

Anyone have any scripts(basic) to split off bcv's as well as SRDF..moving to EMC Symm 8830 and would like to get an overview of how this works by checking out scripts for automation. Oracle 9i, 10TB Disk, Brocade 3800 (4), 300+ Hosts dual pathed HBA's, would also like to know how to correlate say SYMM Disk groups and Veritas disk groups.. e.g.
veritas proddg and proddg on symm.. Basically how are people doing disk allocation.
Ashwani Kashyap
Honored Contributor

Re: BCV's Timefinder/SRDF

Well , symmir is the command which does all the sync'c and split whether they are regular BCV or R1/R2 9 SRDF Copies ) .

You will haev to script everything arounfs this command . There are various options to this command that might suit various scenarious .

Prior to this you will have to set up your device group and add your standard devices on BCV or SRDF devices to this group .

Once you have your device groups and pairing set then you can sync and split them off .

They way I script this is :
To sync the BCV and STD pair , wait for the sync to complete . THen just before the split either shutdown the primary database , or put the tables into backup mode or thaw the dataabse for not to accept any i/o's then spilt the BCV with the STD , once split is complete , resume normal operation of databse above , mount the BCV on the backup server and backthem up .
Nagarajan Balakrishnan_1
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Re: BCV's Timefinder/SRDF


I just took some of my custom made documentation and tailored it for your needs.

See the attachments. Let me know whether it helped.