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Bad flash kills HPDA Raid card

Jason Wohlgemuth_1
Occasional Advisor

Bad flash kills HPDA Raid card

I flashed my HPDA EISA (dual channel) card (netserver 5/100 LM) and used the wrong util and now the card is dead. I called HP and they said they don't carry the bios chip for it anymore. Does anyone else know where I can get a new chip or know a place that can flash it?

Re: Bad flash kills HPDA Raid card

I would try it through Mylex's support. If you are lucky enough to get a chip from them then you could try to re-flash that one with the right HP bios/fw.

I suppose you already have tried re-flashing it with the right bios/fw

Last resort: find someone with a EPROM programmer(?)