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Basics of storage systems..

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Basics of storage systems..


I would like to know the basics of storage technologies like what is ldev,luse,use of emulation types,shadow devices,CHIPS,ACP etc..

Do let me know if there is any document available for learners like me in storage technologies..

Nigel Poulton
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Re: Basics of storage systems..

Hi Shankar,

The things you are asking about are specific to terms to HP/HITACHI storage.

If you are new to storage then I would highly recommend attending a course HP or HDS course. However, if you're not new to storage then may be something like the Command View XP user manual might be a good place to start as it covers the basics of operating these HP/HITACHI subsystems.

Also, HP now have a video presentation review of the harware technology in the XP disk arrays (this includes things you as about such as CHIPs and ACPs.... Its iat -


Hope this helps

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