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Re: Battery failure during array expansion

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Battery failure during array expansion


We are planning an array expansion on a Smart Array 6400 controller. Array is 0+1 with hot spare. My question is what will happen if during the expansion process battery fails? The expansion process should pause, because the write cache needed for the expansion process is disabled when there is a broken battery.

Is it possible in that situation to power off the server and replace the battery on the controller? Is there any risk of data loss? Will the array expansion continue after the battery replacement?

Thank you for your answers.
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Re: Battery failure during array expansion


The ativities like Array expansion, LUN extenstion will be paused if Cache Battey is Failed. Same you will be get notified in ACU or Post. The operation will be resumed after cache battery replaced.

Re: Battery failure during array expansion

Thank you for confirmation.
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Re: Battery failure during array expansion



we have a Proliant DL380, using Array controller P400 with battery backup.


attached to the controller:


2 disk 72GB using raid 1,  Ubuntu NOS  Array 1

3 disk 146GB using RAID 5  for data.  ARRAY 2


Array 1  and Array 2, use one partition or logical drive.


Array 2 is full, 95% of disk usage.


We upgrade the server with additional Memory RAM, and 3 additional disk SAS - 146GB - 10k.


ACU is not available as application for UBuntu, so follow this steps:


1. Turn off the server

2. Boot using SmartStart 8.15 ver.

3. Choose Maintenance Server Option

4. Choose ACU

5. The new disks installed appear linked to the RAID controller

6. We choose the expand array option on Array 2.


After that and a confirmation screen, we AGREE, and a screen showing a RAID expanding appear

The problem  is  with the proccess,  this screen is not showing a progress bar, and we don't know if the process is complete.


Can we restart the server  without data loss ?,  remember this server is using Ubuntu and Ebox so is used as a PDC.


Help,  may I restart the server ?,  I need it on the air urgent.


Thanks for your help.






Ing. Medardo Mesias S.