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Benchmark software for MSA 2012i

Occasional Advisor

Benchmark software for MSA 2012i

I am looking for some good benchmark software to test two MSA 2012i. Furthermore it would be nice to have some reference data for what would be normal.
Lars Kragh
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Benchmark software for MSA 2012i

I've had good success with "iometer".

Ran it in a VMware ESX Windows 2003 virtual machine and was able to read more than 100 MegaBytes/seconds through the ESX software iSCSI initiator using 64KB pure-sequential I/Os. Writes still achived 60-70 MB/s. It was a 4-member SAS-disk RAID-5 set.

If you have some time, repeat the experiment with 512 Byte I/O sizes...