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Benefits of using an eva agent

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David Kennedy_6
Frequent Advisor

Benefits of using an eva agent

I am using DP5.5 and am backing up a number of wintel servers attached to a EVA (that used Command View 3.3) for storage only.

What will be the benefits of installing the eva agents on the servers? e.g. faster backups

I don not know much about eva's so be kind!

Thank you in advance
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Benefits of using an eva agent

what are these 'EVA agents' supposed to do? Are you talking about a Business Copy environment?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Benefits of using an eva agent

Hi David!

The EVA agent youre talking about is a feature that makes it possible for DP to interact with the EVA.

Required SW and licenses are.
Business copy on the EVA
Zero Downtime Backup for DP
SSSU on the machine that holds the Command View.
I'm not sure but Uwe probably got the answer for if Instant Recovery i required, dont think it is.

With this feature you can manage snapclones from your DP for quick restores and nondisruptive backups.

We have a setup at a hospital where we use both ZDB and Instant Recovery. We managed to restore corrupt 150 GB SQL-database in less than 5 minutes. (-:

The setup is a bit tricky, but there is a good "how to" in the DP documentation.

David Kennedy_6
Frequent Advisor

Re: Benefits of using an eva agent

Thanks for the info you have provided, sorry for the delay in replying.

My original query was to find out if there was a benefit to installing the EVA agents and use a flat-file backup, versus just using the normal disk agent.
I now see that there isn't any benefit to just installing the eva agent.