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Best practice - P2000 G3 ISCSI

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Best practice - P2000 G3 ISCSI


I'm using the p2000 G3 for backup system.
I have a host that have virtual machines that have backup program. The plan is to create Disks on that p2000 and connect them via ISCSI to the VMs. I want each volume to be around 5TB.

What im asking for is what is the best practice for such proccess?

Create one big Virtual Disk (RAID 6) and create Volumes inside that VD?


Create two spared disk and create 5 TB VD (Raid 0)?

Or maybe you have a better approach?

Thanks in advance,
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Best practice - P2000 G3 ISCSI

Hi! I think anybody would advise against raid0. If you have two luns you can split them between the controllers which is good for performance.