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Best setup on ML370 and 6402.

Trevor Dumalski
Occasional Contributor

Best setup on ML370 and 6402.

I have 3, ML370 servers with the optional cage for more HDD room.

I have a 6402 array card, and am curious the best method of configuration.

I have the following config:

2 X 36GB Hotswap drives that will be the system drives, and I want them to be mirrored.

3 X 146 GB Hotswap drives with RAID 5.

Should I put the 2 36's that need to be mirrored on the second bus (Drive Cage), and my RAID 5 array on the first bus of the 6402 array card?

I want the best possible performance, and it would only make sense that having them on different buses, that it would increase performance.