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Binding LUNS

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Tim Medford
Valued Contributor

Binding LUNS

I am new to the model 12H autoraid array, but have years of experience with a Nike (sp620) array.

When you bind the LUNS on the Nike, depending on which controller you are connected to, the ownership of the LUN varies.

I just went through and bound some LUNS on autoraid now, and it appears that the "primary" controller owns them all?

Should I be alternately setting each controller to primary as I build the LUNS to balance the load? Or is it sufficient to just use primary/alternate paths in LVM when creating the volume groups/logical volumes?

Thanks a lot!
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: Binding LUNS


Unlike Nike, FC60, AutoRAID has no concept of ownership when you create LUNs.
From lvm viewpoint, you can make load-balancing possible.
By creating the mutiple number of LUNs instead of a single large LUN, you can improve performance.
This is done by the size of command queue increased indicating that enough commands are queued to keep the disk aray busy.

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