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Blue Screens and failures

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Blue Screens and failures

We are running ML350's with the 5300 Smart Array Controller with 2 Ports. Our main file server is Win2K and we are using Port 1 to run the 18GB System Disk mirrored with a Hot spare. We also have an external Array with 5 36 GB disks configured Raid 5 with a spare.

The system has gone down (Locked up) 3 times today with failures on the system array. I switched controllers to a new one from one with a bad accelerator, and the system came up, but went down again in an hour or so. At one point, I thought I lost both drives. After updating the Firmware to 1.74, eventually, I got the system back up again, but down it went 2 hours later. I finally switched drives and new controller to a second identical box and reconnected the external array here. The system came up and seems to be stable as of now. Any ideas?? I'm beginning to suspect the drive cage. The 2 ML-350 systems are absolutely identical and were obtained in the same order at the same time in September last year. The "new" controller with the good accelerator came from out of the backup system.

Help!?!?! If my troubles are over, any other ideas what on the main system may be bad??

Thanks in advance,

David W. Monroe
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Blue Screens and failures


I agree with you, I believe that the problem appears to be the drive backplane in the ML350. Especially since you didn't have any troubles with the external array.

Please call us at 800-652-6672 options 2,2,3,3,1 and we can start the process of getting that backplane replaced.

Have a nice day,