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Re: Boot From SAN option

Pramod Unni
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Boot From SAN option

We have a scenario where we have 2xDL580 G5 Servers installed with Smart Array P812 controllers connected to 7xMSA 60 Disk enclosures, is there any possibility to have the boot from SAN option (we are planning to use SQL 2005 DB on these servers, in case one server goes down,we can have a stand by server option if this is possible).

In another option if we setup a Active Passive SQL 2005 Cluster with MSA P2000 G3 with 5 Enclosures with 2TB drives (2TBx 60Nos, I believe there is a limit on the LUN we can present for SQL DB disk.

Can any one throw some light on this scenario.
Steven Clementi
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Re: Boot From SAN option

The only way you can have a Boot from SAn option is if you had a SAN.

In the first scenario... there is no SAN so no BfS option.

In the second scenario, depending on the model of P2000 you get... you may or may not have a SAN.

What are your LUN requirements and what limits are you referring to?

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Pramod Unni
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Re: Boot From SAN option

Thanks for the response

On the first option only option when the primary server goes down,detach the DB & present it on the second Server if we keep the DB on the external storage right (if we keep the same drive letter) or is there any better option for some kind of redudancy.

In the second scenarion, we have one HP P2000 G3 MSA FC Dual Cntrl LFF Array &
6x HP P2000 Dual I/O LFF Drive Enclosures. Here my question was when we present a volume for the cluster disk resource as i understand there is size limit basic & dynamic volumes (2TB for basic & 16TB for GPT), in this case we will have limitation of max LUN size right?