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Boot from 4si

Greg Philmon
Occasional Contributor

Boot from 4si

I have two L-class servers (one L1000, one L2000), both with RAID 4SI card and 4xDS2100 arrays.

I'd like to do a cold install, loading the OS onto the external disks and using them for boot.

But Ignite-UX doesn't "see" the 4SI card. The manual says to boot from CD, goto "Advanced Options", and then "Configure A5856A RAID 4Si card".

Alas, that option doesn't appear in my Advanced menu and I can't select the configured RAID drive on later screens. Note that these two configured RAID volumes *do* appear when I SEArch for bootable devices from the boot menu.


Any ideas?
Greg Philmon
Occasional Contributor

Re: Boot from 4si

Problem update: The problem occurs with the brand-new September 2002 disk I just received.

But an older copy (December 2001) works fine.

What's up with that?