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Boot from san on Windows 2008

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Boot from san on Windows 2008

We are setting up san boot on windows 2008 on an EVA. Every lun to the server has 4 datapaths. Should all 4 boot paths to the boot lun be enabled on the 2 hba's?

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Boot from san on Windows 2008

You should include all 4 paths as usual.


Initializing zoning
To initialize zoning:
1. Create a zone that includes the boot HBA port and one port on the array using the WWN or switch
port number.
2. Enable the zone.

Finalizing zoning
To finalize zoning:
1. Modify the initial zone to include the second array port.
2. Create a zone in the second fabric to include the secondary boot HBA port and the two remaining
array ports.
Super Advisor

Re: Boot from san on Windows 2008

It means I should enable all 4 boot paths in the bios of the hba's?